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Right before we moved into our home a little over a year ago, we had no idea the type of neighborhood that we were moving into. We hadn’t heard anything about it nor did we know anyone. But when we found it, what stood out to me (besides loving the actual house), was that the streets were lined with budding pear trees and people were out everywhere. Dogs were walked, laughing children were flying down the sidewalks on their bikes, and neighbors were out talking over yard work.

It seemed too good to be true, and sure, it had it’s flaws as any place would. After all, it’s filled with real people and real stories and real heartache and problems. But I don’t mind flying the flag that we hit the jackpot with amazing neighbors. The real, salt of the earth, genuine, lets you borrow dog food when you’re out kind of people.

If you haven’t caught on to where I’m going with this, the Augspurger family just so happens to be one of those neighbors. They were the ones who ran down dog food for our dog, Lily Cherry Pie, when we were all out. They dropped off an air conditioner unit and invited us to stay in their home when our air was out for three of the hottest weeks of this summer. They let us borrow beach chairs for our summer vacation (which I totally need to return before we become one of those neighbors!). Basically, I think this family is pretty amazing and that everyone deserves to have neighbors like these!

We met up on a super overcast, muggy summer day for these photos and had such a fun time! Enjoy!!


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Is it strange that one of my favorite photos from this shoot is of this little guy hanging out on his changing table (just below)?? It just reminds me so much of those first days with my babies (not that I can remember them all that well, they are such a blur) as they just look around exploring their little worlds. I’d imagine that all they can see are blurs of light and shadows as they work on focusing. You can see a little bit of the wonder in his eyes in this one. I also can’t get over these little cheeks and tucked in little lip on baby Rogers (his mama and daddy call him Rocco, isn’t that so cute?).

I also loved photographing this little guy with his big, not so much older, sister Rosalia. She’s just a tiny little tot herself and you can tell from several of these photos that mommy and daddy have their hands quite full!!

Enjoy looking at their sweet session and make sure you make it to the end to check out Rogers’ adorable nursery!!! So cute!

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