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The Casburn Family

She smiled right at me with this big, beautiful grin. So big, in fact, that her little eyes squinted up so much that they nearly disappeared. I lifted the camera to catch the moment and she was off. Moving her little arms faster than necessary as she giggled and ran.

I think this is the stuff that parents worry about. That their kiddos won’t behave or perform the way they hope for their session. And I’m usually quick to say, let them go. Let’s play. And then we end up with the most natural, playful, sweet photos. My favorites. I gather them up when the moment is right, group together as tight and close as they can and instruct them to keep on playing. Be silly, tickle, spin, laugh, enjoy the moment. Everyone look here now, I say, and we chance a photo all looking at me. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Usually I’m making some weird face, or playing peekaboo or singing the latest Disney Jr. theme song that I probably just listened to that morning with my own kiddos. And then, two seconds later, they want down. They want to run again and explore and play. And we follow along and continue making memories together.

This is Brandon, Jenny, Cora and Dublin. We’ve had the luxury of doing both Cora’s and Dublin’s newborn shoot together and they showed up as comfortable as can be and ready to play. I love photographing this family. I’m not going to lie, every time I get an email from them to book another shoot, I get a little bit excited. They are wonderful parents and so relaxed and trusting during our shoots together. They have a way about them that makes me just want to keep hanging out when we are through. Honest and real. Silly and loving. This was our first outdoor shoot together at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and it was the most gorgeous, but humid, day.


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